I love freebies in Magazines + Current Favourite Beauty Products.

I don't know about you, but I do love a freebie in a magazine, and let's face it, you pay next to £5.00 for one, so it's an added bonus if there is a decent gift tucked in the plastic cover to sway you into parting with your money.

Which brings me on to today's first beauty favourite of the moment, Radiance Facemask by Balance Me, it came with a magazine as a freebie and I love it, it polishes, hydrates and smoothes all in one, and can be used as a face mask as well, just leave it on the face for an extra few minutes.  It contains walnut shells to exfoliate and fruit acids to brighten the skin. I find it's a great skin pick me up when I'm looking a bit dull and those wrinkles are showing up more. 

The Second product is by Sanctuary,  The 1 Minute Radiance Flash Facial that does what it says on the tube basically, leaves your skin with a lovely healthy glow and tone to your skin. It contains no less than 3 different kinds of vitamin c including the extract from the superfruit Kakadu Plum, (never heard of) apparently the worlds highest source of vitamin C, and I like to use this after taking off my makeup at night, my skin always looks lovely after using Sanctuary products, love them, I must invest in some more. 

Have you tried any of these products?

When You Can't Find Your Usual Face Cream...

Don't you just hate it when your usual face cream suddenly disappears off the shelves just when you have finished scraping every last drop out of your current pot?
I've been a loyal user of Garnier Ultra-lift Anti-Wrinkle  Face Cream  with the SPF 15, for a good few years now,  ( a favourite of Divina Mccall too) but for some reason, it's been virtually impossible to find the one with the SPF in it of late, which is an absolute must for me as I have fair skin and like to be protected all year round.

Who Doesn't Want A Whiter Brighter Smile?

I think ideally we would all want to have a natural white bright smile, for one, it can knock years off you, making your smile look brighter and fresher, and another, it can boost your confidence no end even if you don't have the perfectly straight Hollywood set of teeth.

So I've been drawn in by all those facebooks photos and reviews (ah yes the power of social media) showing their before and after photos of how this Toothpaste AP 24 from Nu Skin can help create a whiter brighter smile without using bleach or abrasive ingredients, and I bought myself a tube or two, one for myself and a couple for other family members who wanted to give it a go.

Superfoods supplements and vitamins

Generally speaking, if you follow a good healthy balanced diet, drink plenty of water and take regular exercise,  then that should keep you in tip top condition, but sometimes the stresses and strains of modern day living can take its toll on the body and mind, causing all kinds of problems, from sleep disturbance, hormone imbalance and weight gain/loss, and anxiety.

Pancakes that are good for you.

When it comes to pancakes,  I pretty much enjoy them any day of the week/month/year, But more recently I have switched out the traditional flour recipe in favour of gluten free.   My favourite being the 4 grain Pancake mix by Hale and Hearty,  which is sugar-free, gluten-free. If I run out of that, then  I turn to my Granola Dust.