When You Can't Find Your Usual Face Cream...

Don't you just hate it when your usual face cream suddenly disappears off the shelves just when you have finished scraping every last drop out of your current pot?
I've been a loyal user of Garnier Ultra-lift Anti-Wrinkle  Face Cream  with the SPF 15, for a good few years now,  ( a favourite of Divina Mccall too) but for some reason, it's been virtually impossible to find the one with the SPF in it of late, which is an absolute must for me as I have fair skin and like to be protected all year round.

So imagine my despair when  I was forced to find a similar cream that covered all my needs, (anti-wrinkle, plumbing, firming, sunscreen, 40+ age range) at a price that wouldn't break the bank.  I plumbed for Revita Lift by  L'oreal,  actually, it was an easy find as it was on the shelf next to my usual face cream, and I'm really pleased to say that it is a good substitute to my usual.
  It's a bit thicker in consistency than the Garnier  and at first feels a little sticky on my skin, but it soon absorbs into my skin and gives good protection in the sun too, I went to a car boot at the weekend wearing  a vest top, in the glorious sunshine, and stupidly forgot to put on sunscreen on my arms and neck, got really burnt, but didn't catch the sun at all on my face, I religiously smoother my face with face cream in the mornings before facing the day, and was glad to find I was well protected.
Price wise, if you pick this up in the supermarket, you will probably get it for under a tenner, (it was on special offer when I got mine) about the same give or take a pound or two as my usual Garnier cream, so all in all a good face cream saver!
What's your face saver face cream saviour when you favourite runs out? 

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