Pancakes that are good for you.

When it comes to pancakes,  I pretty much enjoy them any day of the week/month/year, But more recently I have switched out the traditional flour recipe in favour of gluten free.   My favourite being the 4 grain Pancake mix by Hale and Hearty,  which is sugar-free, gluten-free. If I run out of that, then  I turn to my Granola Dust.

Granola Dust Pancakes

Makes about four little ones
Blitz up
Two heap tablespoons of Granola dust 
one egg
one medium banana
splash of milk to loosen adjust accordingly.
Cook on a medium heat, don't turn over too soon or they break up.

When I make a batch of granola dust up, I don't really follow a recipe, I generally do it by site and texture now, just have a paly around until you get a flavour and mix that you like, personally I 'm not keen on nuts, but I don't mind sunflower seeds, but Jamie Oliver has an option here if you prefer to measure everything out.

Granola Dust 

 Porridge oats, I like to use gluten-free.
Co-op mixed seeds nuts and Dried fruits
(makes life easier)
Chia seeds
you can also add
cocoa powder
if preferred.

The just blitz it all up in a blender using the milling blade, and store
in a glass jar.

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